Surprise Romantic Weekend Itinerary (Luxury Edition) – Europe


No one will ever complain about a romantic weekend getaway… Especially if it’s a luxury one!

Everyone deserves a little luxe once in a while… So grab your partner, pack your bags and enjoy a romantic weekend with a luxury European destination in the background!

What will this package include:

  • Complete itinerary filled with romantic activities to do in a beautiful European city;
  • Suggestions of the best restaurants along your itinerary;
  • Link to a quality 5* hotel in the center, with breakfast included;
  • Link to the best direct flights (best time and best deal)!

The price will be a maximum of 380€ per person and includes hotel (2 nights), flights and activities.

We’ll select the best city for you and will deliver the plan to you in the next 72 hours!


Note: The maximum price is for Europeans travelers only, if you’re not from Europe and are interested, please send an email to [email protected]


Check out the FAQ if you have any doubt about what’s going to be delivered to you!