When I buy the Trip Design service, what exactly am I purchasing?

You are purchasing a complete itinerary for your trip that includes:

  • a detailed day-to-day plan with what to do hour by hour;
  • recommendations on restaurants based on your location;
  • recommendations on hotels and best flights;
  • best deals on attractions and transportation inside the city you are visiting;
  • the best way to get to the attractions you are visiting;
  • tips for your travel (including weather);
  • budget description.

The day-to-day plan has in consideration the opening/closing times to attractions, so you don’t miss anything on your trip.

With this service, all the research is done for you, based on your preferences and you just have to enjoy your trip. Each trip design plan is unique!

What if I’m not happy with the plan that was delivered?

After receiving your plan if you are not happy with it, you can just send an email saying what are the points you are not happy with and I’ll gladly do my best to change it according to your desires. After the delivery, I’ll do up to 3 edits to your plan free of charge.

My goal with this service is to improve your way of traveling, you are the priority, so if something is wrong don’t hesitate to tell me!

How does the surprise itinerary service works?

When you buy the surprise itinerary service you’ll get a surprise itinerary for a surprise destination in Europe within 72h. The maximum price of your stay is defined in the service page (per person), but remember that is the maximum value, the trip can be cheaper than that.

In this itinerary, you’ll have the same information you get in the Trip Design service (description above). The only difference is that the itinerary is not customized based on your preferences, it will be a standard itinerary based on the theme (cultural, romantic or romantic luxury).

Do you do bookings? For hotel and flights?

No. The services don’t include bookings.

Includes, however, a list with the links for you to book the hotel, flights and attractions if needed. You just have to click the link and book it yourself, this way you don’t even have to share your personal data with me.

How is the payment made?

Payment is done exclusively by Paypal.

Can I see an example of an itinerary?

You can download here a template. On the trip design service (100% customized itineraries) more information can be added, depending on the customer needs.