Surprise Cultural Weekend Itinerary – Europe


Europe is a continent full of history and culture and the hardest part is to pick one country to visit! But worry no more, because we are here to save you!

This package is fit for solo travelers, couples, friends and group travelers. You just have to tell us how many people this package is for at the checkout.

What will this package include:

  • Complete itinerary filled with cultural activities to do in a beautiful European city;
  • Suggestions on where to find the best food along your itinerary;
  • Link to a quality 3*/4* hotel or apartment in the center;
  • Link to the best direct flights (best time and best deal)!

The price will be a maximum of 180€ per person and includes hotel (2 nights), flights and activities.

We’ll select the best city for you and will deliver the plan to you in the next 72 hours!


Note: This maximum price is for Europeans travelers only, if you’re not from Europe and are interested please send an email to: [email protected]


Check out the FAQ if you have any doubt about what’s going to be delivered to you!