Europe is full of history, marvelous architecture and beauty in pretty much every corner. There are so many beautiful cities that it’s a shame people keep on visiting the same classics as London or Paris.

Below you’ll find 6 of the most beautiful European destinations that you probably don’t know about, they don’t have the same amount of flow as the big cities and are perfect to start your 2020 detox!


Alaçati, Turkey

Alçati Turkey
Foto from @izkiz

Alaçati is a small town located on Turkey’s West Coast. This Turkish hidden gem has a greek history, and you can definitely feel the greek vibe in all the colorful stone houses.

Go to Alçati to lose yourself in the narrow streets and explore the trendy eateries and cafes.

Stay here – Palas Alaçatı:

  • Price – 50€/night ( price)
  • Location –  600 m from Pazaryeri
  • Free Wi-Fi? Yes
  • Breakfast Included? Yes

Cotswolds, England

cotswolds england

Cotswolds is such a magical place in England! You have so many little villages to explore, full of history and nature all around you.

Go to Cotswolds if you want to go back in time and spend some days relaxing and enjoying this peaceful place.

Stay here – Lucy’s Tearoom:

Lucy's Tearoom
  • Price – 121€/night ( price)
  • Location –  Stow-on-the-Wold
  • Free Wi-Fi? Yes
  • Breakfast Included? Yes

Giethoorn, Netherlands


This town nickname “Dutch Venice” might give you a false impression in terms of size and crowds, but no, this is a little paradise in the Netherlands.

A quiet, peaceful and beautiful place you should visit if you want to spend your vacations away from the crowds.

Stay here – Bed & Breakfast Giethoorn:

  • Price – 89€/night ( price)
  • Location – In Giethoorn and near the Weerribben Wieden National Park
  • Free Wi-Fi? Yes
  • Breakfast Included? Yes

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

karlovy vary

Just one hour away from Prague, Karlovy Vary is starting to be a must-visit for the tourists and with reason! The largest of Bohemia’s spa towns is an amazing place to relax and is different from any other Czech town.

Visit for the architecture, the spas, and the amazing views!

Stay here – Hotel Malé Versailles :

Hotel Malé Versailles
  • Price – 65€/night ( price)
  • Location – 600 m from Mill Colonnade
  • Free Wi-Fi? Yes
  • Breakfast Included? Yes

Monschau, Germany


Who doesn’t enjoy a weekend getaway walking in romantic lanes with a medieval spirit? I know I love it!

This Germany’s small town is the perfect location to explore the Eifel wilderness and have some restful holiday.

Stay here – HIER & JETZT in Monschau City:

HIER & JETZT in Monschau City
  • Price – 81€/night ( price)
  • Location – In Monschau
  • Free Wi-Fi? Yes
  • Breakfast Included? No

Piódão, Portugal

Foto from Hemisfério

Piódão is a Portuguese historical village still unknown to the world. It’s in a very remote place and at night when the lights are on, gives you the feel of a magical place.

Stay here to travel in time and feel one with nature.

Stay here InXisto Lodges:

InXisto Lodges
  • Price – 110€/night ( price)
  • Location – 10 min from Piódão village
  • Free Wi-Fi? No
  • Breakfast Included? No

Here they are, the Remote European Destinations to Visit in 2021! Hope this article helps you and if you need any assistance in designing your trip I can help you with that! Just click here.

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Remote European Destinations for 2021

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