The most romantic day of the year is coming and most likely you’ll have to spend Valentine’s at home and postpone a romantic getaway.

But fear not! We are here to help you to create that hotel magic at home and make this Valentine’s day very special!


1 – Couples Activities

Valentine's at Home

This is how you start your Valentine’s day! When you are at the hotel they always have some romantic activities to do so pick at least one or two activities to do together during the day, something that you both enjoy or something new to try. 

Here are some ideas:

  • Wine tasting – get a couple of bottles and some cheese to compliment;
  • Baking something sweet together, maybe a dessert for dinner;
  • Learn the tango or salsa – follow a video on youtube and it should be a fun moment;
  • Play a videogame together – this one is really funny;
  • Draw each other – doesn’t need to be Titanic style, you can do a fun caricature;
  • Do yoga or exercise together.

2 – Massages

Valentine's at Home

After some activities together is time to embrace the relaxing vibe and start the spa time!

First, you need to create the perfect spa environment:

  • Tidy the bedroom;
  • Heat the room;
  • Light some candles with relaxing scents like lavender or rosemary;
  • Put on some relaxing music;
  • Make sure all electronics are turned off.

After the room is ready you just have to lay a towel over the bed (a warm towel is even better), get a nice massage oil, and start your massage.

If you want to make it more interesting you can blindfold your partner and play with feathers, ice cubes, liquid chocolate, and so on.

3. Romantic Bath

Valentine's at Home

Do you ever spend a romantic night in the hotel and don’t do a romantic bath? If the answer is yes: romantic baths amazing, how can you skip them? 

This is the perfect way to close the spa time and the afternoon.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Light-up some candles around the bath area;
  • Put on some jazz music (or anything you like);
  • Get a bottle of your favorite drink and some strawberries;
  • Use a bubble bath product with a nice smell and if you are feeling extra add some rose petals;
  • Warm-up some oversized towels or robes for when you leave the tub.

If you don’t have a bathtub you can adapt it to a shower and make it even more intimate.

4. Order some dinner

Valentine's at Home

You would definitely not cook your own food on a romantic hotel night, so don’t do it just cause you are at home, it’s a special night!

You can make it fancy:

  • Set the table and pull out the good dishes, tablecloth, and lighting candles;
  • Play soft background music;
  • Order some nice pasta or some seafood.

Or you can make it more casual and comfy:

  • Build a fort, full of lights;
  • Order pizza.

Whatever you choose just remember this is your time to connect with each other, hold hands, look into each other’s eyes and avoid talking about work, just focus on each other.

5. Movie time

Valentine's at Home

It’s the end of the day, so time to snuggle together and watch a movie! Make sure you are in a comfortable space with some blankets (build a fort if you are into it!), make some popcorn and pick a nice movie.

And that’s how you spend Valentine’s at Home! Hope this article helps you in your travels! If you need any help designing your trip I can assist you with that! Just click here.

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Valentine's at Home

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